Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman

Katy manages to fit the phrases "A Clockwork Orange", "stiltwalking", "old timey" and "delicious butt function" all in one episode! Learning why a functional gluteus matters has never been this fun!

And even though it sounds like I'm holding Katy captive inside a large tin can, she was really safe and sound when this was recorded. It just sounds like she's in an empty grain silo. Which, according to her father, should NEVER be played in.

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Episode 4- Mail Bag#1

Episode 4. Katy's on the road! Her mini-world tour/book promotion tour/vacation is keeping her plenty busy. As a special treat, you get to listen to this early recording of the Katy Says podcast. Not the greatest sound quality--hey, we didn't have fancy equipment!--but filled with fun as Katy answers your questions from the mail bag.


To read Katy's blog on pillow usage (referenced in this podcast): Your Pillow is an Orthotic

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