Move Your DNA with Katy Bowman
Episode 56- Simple Steps to a Tech Break

Originally intended as time savers, our handheld devices have become time gobblers, and the easiest way to fritter away time is with social media. Katy and Dani discuss many ways—both macro and micro—to help you assess your relationship with your device and then shape that relationship to one that works better for the sort of life you want to live.

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Episode 55- An Evening with Katy & Dani in Boulder

Katy and Dani recorded a live-audience podcast at the historic Boulder Bookstore and share thoughts on their whirlwind day of food, fun, family and friends. We wish you could’ve been there with us, but this is the next best thing.

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Episode 54- Sedentary Culture in the News

Language—and words—matter. Recent headlines in the news can lead to a murky grasp of how health and wellness are really attained, and what we’re really discussing, for that matter. We’ll talk about recent news that will hopefully prompt a deeper examination of our sedentary culture and how it is shaped by both the biggest and smallest of things.

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Episode 53- Movement Mailbag #4

In this episode: walking with neuropathy pain, breathing while hanging, and tricky technical advice.

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Episode 52- Babies and Movement, Part 2

Katy and Dani deliver Part 2 of the Babies and Movement episode, and isn’t it a cutie? Katy follows up on some listener questions conceived during Part 1, and then discusses breastfeeding and baby ‘exercises’. Oh, and Did you know you are probably W.E.I.R.D. ? It’s okay…we are, too.

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In Part 1 the Baby Show, Katy discusses baby biomechanics! Did you know that load and frequency affect the stages of development—like how babies from more primitive hunter/gather-type populations develop differently than our modern- lifestyle babies? We‘ll also talk about baby wearing and baby carrying, and how this affects both the parent AND the baby.

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Episode 50- Movement, Period.

This episode of Katy Says isn’t just for females! If you’re a real anatomy geek or student of human movement, this show is for you. Because if periods didn’t exist, neither would you! Learn about the movement of menstruation and the whole-body movements that affect it.

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In this episode: Shoe wear, knee pain, Cheerios, muscle cars and cultural clarification

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Episode 48- Dem Bones

What is osteoporosis? What about bone mineral density? In this episode, Katy helps us dig deeper into bone health. You’ll learn more about bone shapes, how bones are built and why your bone robusticity depends on a lot more than eating chocolate-calcium-chew-candies.

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Episode 47- Food Forces

Sure, you guzzle lots of kale smoothies and there are no GMOs in your salad. But have you thought about the mechanical nutrition in your diet? In this episode, Katy cooks up a nice batch of food for thought that explains how the food forces in your life affect your whole body ecology.

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